1, 2, 3… Cause, consequence and purpose!

3 posters to introduce and differentiate the structures to express cause, consequence and intention. Ideal for online lessons but also works great for in-person courses.


This resource is great for both introducing and practicing the structures of cause, consequence and purpose starting at the B1 level. You can also use these 3 posters as a review or consolidation of knowledge with your more advanced students.

The 1, 2, 3… ! line of teaching resources each come with 3 posters to print out, project, or screen share in order to teach your students how to use a specific grammar point or vocabulary. It was first conceived to respond to the needs of online teachers needing simple resources for their new online lessons that do not require any advanced technological or software skills and can be used on any type of digital meeting platform and, of course, be stimulating for students.

With these posters, your students will learn grammar points and vocabulary in 3 steps :

Poster 1: Discover the structures in context.

Poster 2: Practice with guided activities.

Poster 3: Produce the target language autonomously.

Most of the activities are speaking-based and of various types: games, tasks, speaking challenges, story-telling, or riddles. These activities are suitable for individuals, pairs, small groups, as a class, etc.

These 3 posters are printable, useable online by displaying them on your screen and then using a screen-share function, or copying and pasting them onto a virtual whiteboard. Or you could display them on a smartboard or with a projector in your classroom.

3 reviews for 1, 2, 3... Cause, consequence and purpose!

  1. internet (verified owner)

    I’ve used this with 4 students (Hi A2 and B1 levels) in one-to-one zoom classes so far, and it’s fabulous. We ended up having lots to talk about, all while using new structures to talk about causes and consequences. We did all three posters in an hour and 15 minutes, but could have gone longer. Each activity really led naturally to the next. By the end, they were usually quite a few new expresssions with much more confidence.

    • Ian Kime

      Yes! I’ve used it for both groups and individuals and like you said it flows from one activity to the next really well. So happy your students gained some confidence with this resource and you saved some time and looked like a star 🙂

  2. Natalia (verified owner)

    I liked this resource a lot, I used it in class with my students to practise different linking words and structures to give an opinion. Interesting, thought provoking and fun prompts, thank you!

  3. igagrabowska (verified owner)

    This resource is perfect both for online and traditional classes. It allows students to practise various tsructures used to express cause, consequence and purpose in a creative and fun way. I really appreciate this resource because it isn’t easy to find similar communicative activities on the market!

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