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After a year of infiltrating being invited into your classrooms and ZOOM meetings..
It's time for us to say thank you.

We've been through school closings, school openings, the apocalypse, hybrid classes, lockdowns and ZOOM mishaps together. And you know what? We want to continue...
With less pandemics and lockdowns.

September 2021 marks our second school opening with you, the omnipotent ever-important English teacher...
Be you in France, Poland, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Columbia or anywhere else better than where I live beautiful in the world, the new semester dawns upon us.

We are proud to introduce the meaning of life our TOTAL TEACHER ACCESS.

Get 12 months access to all of our resources, activities and exercises for less than 00.50€ for each lifelong tool available at the shop.


  • Unlimited access to all teaching resources and exercises on the site.
  • Nearly 50 lifelong teaching tools are already at the shop.
  • Unlimited access to all future teaching resources and exercises during the subscription period.
  • Guaranteed 24 new resources throughout the year.
  • Free access to any and all updates to resources and content during the subscription period.
  • Download resources with just one click.
  • Only for individual teacher accounts.
  • Once a resource is downloaded, it's yours forever.

13 people live by producing these resources. In order for that to continue, please purchase our resources or subscribe to ESL Expertz and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Thank you for your confidence and support!