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It is full of free activities and resources to use in your classroom or online meeting place today. Here are the latest:

Auto Draft

Roll                Hit               Pull                Push                 Bounce Blow.            Spin              Flip                Slide                   Drop Float             Pour              Fall             Wobble                 Drag        A pulley ...

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Speaking of… The cool man and warm man

Speaking of… The cool man and warm man

I spend a lot of time on Youtube. There, I said it. While creating our resources and activities, I am often listening to some old Formula 1 Grand Prix from the 90's in the background. And sometimes that algorithm is GOLD for discovering videos that would make...

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My Food and Me

My Food and Me

A print'n'teach to talk with your A2 and up students about their preferences and habits related to food. Here is a speaking activity about food for the reactivation or discovery of the vocabulary of food depending on your objectives. Print a copy of this sheet for...

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Teaching is a journey

Let’s walk together

 Who are we?

We are language teachers dedicated to bringing you resources every week to make your lessons great again. ESL Expertz is open to all ESL teachers looking for professional resources to use in their classrooms and a better way to teach. Here you will find resources to:

  • enhance or replace your lesson plans;
  • use both in-person and online;
  • aid in the teaching of grammar and vocabulary;
  • make your lessons more fun, original and memorable;
  • improve the aesthetics of your in-class and online resources;
  • avoid boring textbook material;
  • and much much more!