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A simple, elegant, and sometimes surprising game to review the vocabulary of time, days of the week, and months. This game is recommended for A1+ students who have already been introduced to basic vocabulary. It is also great for review if your students need some help telling the date or time in English.

The game consists of three types of cards with different types of challenges. 36 KNOWLEDGE cards offer general trivia related to time with an American theme. 18 PUZZLE cards offer little mathematical riddles to practice dates and time. And finally, 54 OPINION cards which give your students a platform to speak and express themselves giving them an opportunity to use various lexical fields and their knowledge of the English language. For every question, they must respond with a time, day of the week, or month of the year.

The downloadable ZIP version includes:

  • a 14 page PDF files with instructions for the teacher and all the necessary playing cards (54 OPINION cards, 35 KNOWLEDGE cards, 18 PUZZLE cards, and a target);
  • VIRTUAL VERSION folder which groups all of the playing cards in separate .png files. This allows you to use the cards in a digital fashion, thus giving you more possibilities to use it: use this activity with your online classes, project the cards in class with a projector, interactive board or your computer screen, make a limited selection of cards you wish to print and limit your cutting time, etc.

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A ready-to-use, print-cut-and-go PDF resource specially designed to get your A1’s talking about more than just ordering at a restaurant or what their sister’s husband does for a living.



A game of speed, chance and conversational know-how. Use real-world situations and phrases to get your students speaking quickly and naturally. They won’t always be in a classroom setting when speaking English. Give them the confidence they need to put themselves into the fray and join any English conversation, about anything, anywhere they go!

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