Describe Your Personality Activity

Describe your personality or that of your neighbor!

Describe Your Personality Activity

In this activity students are given a chance to describe their own personality by filling out a table marked with adjectives and modifiers (a bit, quite…). This would be a good sequel to the personality trait discovery activity.


  1. Pass out a copy of the activity to every student.
  2. Give them some time to fill out their table. Then they will pass their sheet to their neighbor.
  3. The neighbor will then choose 5 personality traits on the sheet and describe the other person to the class.

If you have a group that knows each other well, you could also write everyone’s name on a piece of paper and randomly assign everyone a student in the class. They will do their best to describe this person by completing the table and then present the personality to the class. The other students will try to guess who they are describing.

For further practice check out this personality matching activity.


We have chosen these particular adjectives to be in line with useful vocabulary on the Cambridge A2 Key exam.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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