Christmas Vocabulary and Riddles Board Game

A Christmas-y board game with riddles for your students who think they’ve mastered Christmas vocabulary!

One of my favorite types of activities to make, and I’ve only gotten better at coming up with riddles! While the animals one works well, it is not the end-all-be-all of creativity… In any case, I’m happy to present to you the Christmas vocabulary (and riddles) board game! Below you will find the suggested answers, but students may surprise you with their own! In order to get the most out of this game, I’d recommend using a coin instead of a die, as you’ll be able to hit more squares. Heads, you move one space, tails two. You could cross out a square that was already answered correctly, making sure the next student passes over it on their turn – avoiding repeats.

Or you could just use them as fun riddles to ask your students at the end of class! Especially any class that has to do with Christmas vocabulary.

Here are the suggested answers, but be open-minded!

Cocoa – Cold out? Drink a cup of me.

Elf – Toy-makers extraordinaire!

Tree – Why am I indoors?!

Nutcracker – Good for snacks. Great for ballet.

Reindeer – Flying beats horse-riding.

Ornament – Your tree has too many.

Gingerbread house – Build, admire, then eat it!

Chimney – Hoping it fits Santa!

Star/Angel topper – Tall person needed.

Stocking – Might contain coal!

White Elephant/Secret Santa – Perfect for office parties.

North Pole – Toy-making central.

Twinkle lights – Which neighbor has the best?

Santa Claus – How does he manage it?

Cracker – Pull for a festive pop!

Jingle – Bells and keys do this.

Mistletoe – Mwuuuuuaah! Smooches.

Snowman – Carrot-nosed winter friend.

Bells – Jingle, jangle, festive sounds.

Eggnog – A Christmas mystery drink.

Candy cane – Minty and red, sometimes gross.

Carol – Sing to unsuspecting folks.

Holly – Spiky, green, red, poisonous.

Cookies – Santa’s favorite.

Sleigh – Santa’s green transport.

Coal – I see that you’ve been naughty!

Snow – essential for a White Christmas

Gift – Probably got them all at the last minute.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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