Christmas Vocabulary Game Odd One Out

Which Christmas-y word doesn’t belong with the others? Students find out for themselves in this Christmas vocabulary game.

Another stocking stuffer for the end or beginning of your Christmas-y lesson plan! Use this Christmas vocabulary game to test your students’ knowledge of Christmas vocabulary and traditions. Students can play individually, in pairs or as a group, identifying the odd one out in each box and justifying their responses. All of them have a recommended answer, but your students will surprise you with some of the reasonings they come up with! Often, they can be just as right as our answers.

Here’s an example of what this Christmas game might look like.

Box number 1

Student A: “Carol” is the odd one out because it has nothing to do with wrapping presents.

Student B: “Wrapping paper” is the odd one out because it’s the only compound noun.


If you’ve never tried an Odd One Out vocabulary game, there are plenty more to try after the holiday season! Click here to see what’s available >>


  1. carol: the others are things you need to wrap Christmas pressents.
  2. paprika: the others are spices and flavors associated with Christmas.
  3. gingerbread: the others are drinks associated with Christmas.
  4. ice skating: while it is associated with the holiday season, it’s not something done specifically for Christmas.
  5. icicle: the other words are associated with Santa Claus.
  6. snowplow: the others are indoor decorations for Christmas.
  7. sugar plums: the others are things you would find on a Christmas tree.
  8. frostbite: the others are plants associated with Christmas.
  9. gifts: the others are associated with New Year’s Eve.

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