Breaking News: Israel Palestine Conflict

Breaking news! Talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict in your classroom today with the BBC breaking news feed.

Breaking news! War is always a delicate topic, the Israel-Palestine conflict included. I’ve done my best to try and steer the conversation towards the idea of war today in general, but there will be no escaping strong opinions on this one. So be warned and tread lightly if you must!

The reading exercise in this activity comes from the BBC live news feed which updates regularly with the latest information. I chose several small clippings from this feed to create the reading activity. Students must match the correct headline to each section – the worksheet gives two options for each section. You could also have your students come up with their own headlines to switch things up.

After they read the sections a second time they will answer some comprehension/opinion questions with a partner. Switch partners to complete the speaking activity.

Two vocabulary exercises are also included – place them wherever you’d like in your lesson plan or assign it for homework.

Looking for something more recent? Check out a worksheet for A2s about the Rugby World Cup (actually, it’s about the rules, so you could technically use it for any time of the year!)


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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