Me neither! Poster

Here’s the situation, you’re with a group of students and you say something like “I don’t like hotdogs” and get responses like “I like!” “Me too” or “Yes.” Hm… I’m pretty sure I understand what everyone wants to say, but maybe we can improve on that.

This is the ultimate tool to teach your students to respond to statements in English conversation. Discover and practice these three structures: Me too. Me neither. Well, I + helping verb. No more mix-ups with these structures, no sir!


Our ESL posters are simple, elegant and easy to use!

This poster was created and designed to be used in a multitude of contexts:

  • Display it on a wall in the classroom, in the hallway, even the restrooms or anywhere one learns English;

  • For use during lessons both in-person and online;

  • For a student’s individual use or for homework.

The basic idea behind this poster is to introduce and review how to correctly respond to a statement with: Me too, Me neither, Well, I + helping verb (please note this poster focuses on “I am, I’m not, I do and I don’t”). Beginner students often have trouble understanding and memorizing these 3 strategies and simply opt for “yes” or “no” or maybe answer with “Me, I like.” This poster will put an end to that!

The poster contains 50 statements that present information about tastes, activities and personalities of different people. The student’s job is to respond to the question at the center, “And you?” and talk about themselves in relation to the statement using one of the 6 circled responses found on the poster. For each response, there is a smiley code to help the student choose the correct response for them. If they want, the student can develop or explain their response.

This poster can be used as a tool for grammar discovery or revision, vocabulary concerning tastes and personalities, an ice breaker or something to get your A1’s talking.

The downloadable resource comes with 4 different formats of the poster for different uses.

There is an A4 PDF in both color and black and white, a large format PDF (for up to A0 printing) and a high-res JPG for online lessons or display on your computer, projector or interactive whiteboard in the classroom.


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