A Love Story – Board Game

Write a love story! Choose the type of love story you would like to write and then navigate the board game filled with elements in order to complete your masterpiece.

How to use this activity?

Thinking about my own love story got me thinking about all the little elements that go into a good one. So I made a list of the elements that are a part of mine and used them in a little writing activity for my students.

In this activity, three teams, or three students, will choose a type of love story to write from the list on the left and then make their way through the board using the elements to write their love story. This could also be a speaking activity where each member of the team must take the mantle of the story from his predecessor and continue.

My love story is on this board game (hint: starts with “Iceland”), but I hope your students can make some really fun stories, too!


  1. Kamila

    Fantastic idea! Love this activity!

    • Ian Kime

      We’d love to read some examples of love stories written by your students someday 🙂

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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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