Physical Descriptions Activity with AI

Use an AI face generator to practice physical descriptions in English with the help of this PDF aimed at beginner A0-A1 level learners.

This physical descriptions activity can be used with any type of AI face generator. The one I found with the highest variety of difference between images is


Here are a few ideas of how to use this activity:

1. Put students in teams of 2-3 and display an image of an unreal person. Ask each team to write down on a piece of paper as many physical characteristics as they can. For beginners, you can use the PDF, which will give them some helpful clues and vocabulary. For more advanced speakers, let them come up with their own characteristics. After a time limit of about 2 minutes, have each team read their physical descriptions to the class, earning a point for each one. Move on to another photo and do the same. End the game after 10 photos and count up the points. The team with the most points wins.

2. For this version, students will need their phones or access to the internet through a computer. Tell them to go to Display the PDF and choose a characteristic at random (if the vocab on the PDF is too easy, think about Vocabtivate: Appearance where you can find a more in-depth vocabulary list for physical descriptions). Students then race to generate an image on their phone to match your chosen description. The first student to find an unreal person with this characteristic wins a point. Cross out the description on the PDF and choose another. The game ends when all the descriptions have been used. Think about asking the winning student to describe their unreal person in more detail when they win.

3. Put students in pairs and give them a copy of the PDF (or send it to your students if online). Ask pairs to choose three characteristics on the PDF, then look for an unreal person to match. The first pair to find a match raises their hand and shows the image along with the matching characteristics to the class to verify (online, they can call on you to verify in their breakout room). If they are correct, they earn a point, if not, lose one. Once a match has been found, they must cross out the three characteristics and choose three new ones. Stop the game after about 10 minutes. The pair with the most points wins.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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