Matching Couples ESL Activity: Matchmaker (A1-C1)

Online dating ESL activity. Create your own dating profiles or use the included fake tinder profiles. Swipe left or right?

Online Dating ESL Activity


Today we’re talking about love in English. Cupid beware!

Do something simple, they said, something small, they said.

Really, we had just had a meeting about the types of things I was to make for all of you just a few days ago. The vision was so clear. Everything was so neatly organized in my excel sheet. I had a plan. A goal.

And then inspiration struck.

So here we are with a 10mb PDF which I hope will do someone some good at some point besides me.

Matching couples with online dating profiles

This is an activity where students, individually, in pairs or in groups, put together 3 different sets of couples. There are 3 sheets with examples of would-be partners to choose from depending on your objectives:

  • Simple profiles to practice easy presentation vocabulary with your A0’s or A1’s – they will complete the information themselves and then use those profiles to form the couples.
  • Tinder profiles that have been modified to suit A2-B1 students according to the text in each profile.
  • Empty tinder profiles that can be used for B1-B2 students in which they can create their own dating profile.
  • You can also use this one to fill out yourself with text that matches your group’s current vocabulary theme or grammar topic. This was the original idea behind my first try with something like this a few years ago.

The matchmakers will need to fill out the matchmaker cards of which there are three:

  • Happily ever after
  • A complicated relationship
  • Guaranteed to separate

Each of these has some prompts for your beginner students to generate their justifications. For more advanced students, have them come up with their own rationale and justification by either presenting orally their case or writing it down.

Wanna go further? The founder of tinder has some tips for making the perfect tinder profile.



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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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