Great Thinkers: argumentation game

This is a fun way to teach, practice and master the logic connectors of contrast and concession. All those subtle little phrases like even though, on the other hand, while, yet are all here in this game along with several fun ways to teach them!


At its core, the game is to finish or come up with philosophical phrases that must be very profound (or very stupid!) by using expressions of opposition and concession. Your students will warm up and work out in order to become true sages capable of creating phrases that will stay with us until the end of time (or at least, be published on Facebook).

Great Thinkers is a card game to practice logic connectors, speech and creativity. Those small but incredibly useful expressions like even if, but still, although, while and whereas can be tricky things to remember. This game puts them into a fun context and is guaranteed to help your students remember them once and for all.



Target Language

This game allows you to work on expressing opposition and concession (logic connectors) for levels B1 and B2, using various playful scenarios. Depending on the level, it could be either a tool for systematization or review all while calling upon your students’ creativity.

– “In life, being intelligent is useful. However… How can we finish this phrase in an… intelligent way?

What is the connection between office work and creativity?

– Are you capable of preaching about… morals?




Hm… I’d say this would be best for your more advanced students… B1+?



A printable PDF with all the game material and teacher instructions.

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  1. Lucy1983 (verified owner)

    I love it! It’s really playful and creative. My students enjoy this game very much and for me it’s fantastic to observe them when playing.

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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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