Giving Advice – Board Game

Students test their speed and practice useful expressions in this Giving Advice Online Board Game! Will they go to heaven or…


Before starting this Giving Advice Online Board Game, you can get your students warmed up by asking them “What kinds of situations or topics do people need advice for?” Then, give them a minute or so to come up with ideas. Have them present all the ideas to the class and keep a written record somewhere (easy enough in the chat if online). Then, move on to the game.

  1. Display the game board or print it out if you are in the classroom. Use the whiteboard tools to make a game piece or a random object if offline.
  2. Put students into two teams (heaven and hell), if playing as a class. If in small groups, present the instructions before letting them play by themselves (but still in two teams).
  3. The game piece starts in the middle. Choose one of the situations from the warm up, or invent one yourself*. Announce the situation to the class, and let the game begin!
  4. Teams must move the game piece to their side of the board by giving advice about the situation with the expressions on the board. Each time an expression is used, check the box so that it cannot be used again for this round.
  5. The game piece can move left and right, depending on which team gave the last piece of advice. Teams do not have to take turns, which makes this a game of speed!
  6. The first team to get the piece to their side of the board wins the round!
  7. Uncheck all the boxes and play again with a new topic or situation!

*Not feeling very creative? Here is a site with a few different places on the internet for people looking for free advice. Choose someone else’s problem! Check it out >>

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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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