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Comparing things in English just got a whole lot more fun.


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  • Duel! is a card game to practice comparing things in English.
  • It can be used for both writing and speaking practice with levels A1-B1.
  • In the instructions you will find a number of variants and a ton of game material to feed your comparative classroom duels.

Three versions are included to match your preferred teaching method online or offline. 


Target Language

Compare two topics on a game card with…

  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • nouns
  • verbs

As with most of our resources, you can use this game as a grammatical support by focusing on the grammar, or as a conversation starter



Designed for A1-A2 students, but incredibly useful as review, warm-ups or in-betweeners for any level!



  • a 20 page PDF with the teacher instructions for all the variants and all the game material to print and cut out for your offline classroom.
  • a folder titled “VIRTUAL_VERSION” containing all the DUEL and COMPARISON cards in separate .jpgs. This allows you to utilise the cards digitally and gives you more ways to use them: play during an online lesson, project the cards in class using a projector or smart board, make a selection of cards to print and cut out, etc.
  • a folder titled “ONLINE_POSTERS” containing PDFs containing selections of game cards pre-formatted on a landscape A4 sheet complete with checkboxes and text boxes to facilitate online learning or print them for offline lessons.


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