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Have you ever… used our activities to practice questions and the present perfect?

by | Jun 29, 2022



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How to use this activity

This present perfect question game is designed for the online classroom.
Display the activity and set a time limit.

Choose one of the cards and tell your students they must write 3 questions matching the three responses found underneath the theme using the present perfect. Once time is up, students share their questions. Each grammatically correct question earns a point. You can give more points for original or unique questions. Make sure the questions relate to the theme!


For example: The mountains – How long have you been skiing? / Have you ever considered moving to the Alps? / What mountain have you always wanted to climb?



This activity is designed to encourage your students to ask questions… with a twist! They are forced to use complex structures and to remember past participles if they hope to ask a grammatically correct question in English. You can use it as a warm-up or an end-of-lesson activity when discussing or reviewing the present perfect tense or practicing questions.

Oh and just like our other Jukeboxes, it can be used online and offline for groups or one-on-one lessons!


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*This activity is based on one of our bigger resources.

Have fun!

Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

As a teacher of ESL and French as a foreign language for several years, I have had the opportunity to work in several countries and with a wide variety of students. Now my job got even better: I get to help make your lessons all pretty and fun! Rather cool, I'd say.


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