Pronouns around the house!

Use this activity to practice pronouns and phrasal verbs around the house.

There are 3 types of cards on this poster:

  • The green ones are the easiest riddles. Students replace the underlined pronoun with an appropriate response – 1 point per logical response. (For example, 1. The painting/frame/mirror/stain is on the wall in my dining room.)
  • The purple cards are harder because they generally use phrasal verbs and more difficult vocabulary. Students replace the underlined pronoun with an appropriate response – 2 points per logical response. (For example, 2. Have you tidied up in the living room/the dining room/the kitchen/the bathroom…  yet? The guests have arrived.)
  • The blue cards have students make their own riddles. Give students a time limit to create a riddle and type them into the chat. Have students auto-police and award 3 points to each student who creates a valid riddle. (For example, 6. It is essential to have one to work from home efficiently.)
  • The red cards are the hardest. Students must unscramble the sentence correctly and then give a logical solution for the riddle within a time limit – 4 points if you can correctly unscramble and give an appropriate example. (For example, 5. Let’s put it there because it matches the couch. -> Let’s put the armchair in the living room because it matches the couch.)

Start by choosing a card for your group. Give students a time limit to complete the task (30-90 seconds). For every correct response, they earn points according to the value of the card. Play until all the cards have been used up. The student with the most points at the end wins.


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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