Present Perfect Interview Questions

Discovering the present perfect and need a fun way to practice making questions? Use this present perfect interview question activity! Students play the roles of interviewers and interviewees with interesting characters.

Welcome to day 4 of our present perfect activities giveaway! Today we’ve got an activity where students will practice making present perfect interview questions and answering them. The characters on the worksheet are interesting enough to provoke some good questions, and you’ll be surprised at your students’ responses.

How to use it?

First thing’s first, this board game was designed for your online ZOOM classroom, but it works just as well as a printable in your offline classroom, too.

This present perfect perfect interview question activity has students finish the 5 following questions:

  • Have you ever…?
  • How long have you…?
  • How long has it been since…?
  • How many times have you…?
  • Why have you…?

Display the PDF or a copy to your students. Tell your students they will all play the role of interviewer. Give them a few minutes to choose a character and write their 5 questions. Then, put them in pairs or breakout rooms. Here, they will tell their partner who their questions were written for and that person will then play the role of interviewee. Once they have finished, bring them back to the main room where the interviewers will present their interviewees in their own words. It does not matter if both people choose the same character!

Carlos is a retired mafia boss

Q: Have you ever done anything illegal?
A: Of course not, I’ve always done all my business legally. Wink wink…

Q: How long have you been retired?
A: I’ve been retired since Freddie the Mac put a dead fish in my mailbox.

Q: How long has it been since you…
A: …


Now, feel free to use this present perfect question activity in any way you see fit to practice the present perfect, and if you come up with any great ideas, be sure to share them in the comments below.


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Ian Kime

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