Prepositions of Place Card Game – Where is the sheep?

A future cult classic. Here is a speaking game for your A1 students where learners will have to correctly use prepositions of place in order to win. It gives your students the chance to practice and master prepositions of place while having a really good time. And you just have to download, print and cut!

***A virtual version is included to aid all of your online lessons***

Here is a fun and simple game of prepositions of place. This was our first big hit in the French teaching market. Now, it’s here for you! The objective is to locate a cute little sheep in relation to a cube and a cylinder by using prepositions of place. One student describes where the sheep is while the others try to identify, draw, or recreate it.

Simple, efficient, and fun (for adults). Your students will ask for more. The PDF file contains the rules of the game and the explanations of the different variants, 42 cards to cut out, and a cheat sheet with all the relevant prepositions of place. Have fun!



  • An 8 page PDF with the instructions, game variants, and all the necessary material to start playing. You need only download, print, and cut;
  • a Virtual Version grouping together all the playing cards in .jpg files. This allows you to use the cards in digital format and multiplies your teaching possibilities: play during your online lessons, project the cards in class using an overhead projector, an interactive whiteboard, or on a computer screen. Or, save paper and make a selection of cards to print, etc.
  • a POSTER in .jpg format to use in class or in your online courses for an even simpler game variant!

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5 reviews for Prepositions of Place Card Game - Where is the sheep?

  1. cb

    I’d give this some stars if the download worked – I’ve downloaded the zip but when I open it it’s empty and nothing extracts. I’ve tried to redownload multiple times on different devices. Please could you fix this? Thanks

    • Ian Kime (verified owner)

      Please send an email to – there seems to be some problems with Windows 10 and unzipping the file. We will send the files directly.


  2. looreenaa127 (verified owner)

    Very engaging resource to practice a tricky English aspect

  3. elodie.demazures

    The sheep has been named Diego in Spanish class! Kids love it ! I think it is the resource I use the most, in English class with youngers, in Spanish class with teenagers and in French class with adults !! Easy to use for eveyone, i recommand that resource !!

  4. arv82

    Another amazing ressource that you can use even with beginners. My students enjoyed a lot and practised prépositions of place

  5. dominika.haladyj (verified owner)

    It’s one of my favorite resources ! I have used it once so far as long as English (online) class is concerned but I’ve already used French version many times and it rocks. All students like it and the game encourages them to speak. The big advantage is the seperate photos because we can use them as a homework. Last but not least, the sheep is so sweet :*

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Ian Kime

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