Irregular Verbs Game

A fun online irregular verbs game where students face off to explain different situations by answering “How’d that happen!?”

It’s day seven of our 15 days of irregular verb activities and we’ve got an online irregular verbs game ready to download. Different game cards present a particular situation and students face off to answer the question “How’d that happen!?” while scoring points by choosing an irregular verb to use in their explanation.

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How it works

Choose an appropriate level for your group. Display the PDF and divide your students into teams. As you can see, there is a maximum of 5 teams.

You or a student will choose one of the situations from the game cards at the top and read it out loud. Give students a time limit (1 minute) to come up with one or two responses to the question “How’d that happen!?” They must use one of the verbs in their team’s column in each response. Be sure they write their response!

Once time is up, students present their answers to the class both orally and in written for via the chat. If the response makes sense, and the written version of the irregular verb is correctly spelled, they can check the box next to the verb and receive the allotted points. If something is incorrect, they receive no points and need not check the box.

Play as many rounds as you want, even coming back to the old ones once you’ve gone through all ten cards! Most likely, students will need to use different verbs on the second go.

The levels are based on three criteria – the frequency of the irregular verbs used, the difficulty of the situation, and the vocabulary found on the game cards.


  1. Ania

    Hi 🙂
    Great job All of You!
    But here the advanced version does not work 🙁

    • Ian Kime

      The link has been fixed!
      Enjoy 🙂

      • Ania

        Thx a lot 🙂

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