Odd One Out – Board Game

In this game, students will follow each other along the board, trying to add words to the boxes so they relate somehow. The first student to get to the finish wins.

Also, we’ve got some nifty Odd One Out vocabulary activities already for specific topics, check them out.


  1. Play as a class or in small groups. Use your whiteboard tools to create game pieces or some random objects if playing in the classroom. No need for dice – students will flip a coin to move their pieces.
  2. Game pieces begin at “start” and they move by flipping a coin. Heads: move one space. Tails: move two spaces.
  3. When a student lands on a box, they must add a word* and explain why it relates to the other word(s) in the box. The rules in each box can change as the game goes along! But students must find a way to make them all relate. They could relate by topic, by type, by color, by spelling, by number of syllables, whatever they can come up with!
  4. If they come up with a word and give a correct response for why they relate, they can stay there. If not, they go back to where they came from.
  5. Once all students have moved their game pieces once, reverse the order of play, and vice versa on the third move.
  6. When a student reaches the final box, gives a word and a correct reason, they win the game!

*The ZIP file you downloaded comes with 2 PDFs:

  1. A game board with examples for your A1 students already prepared. You can use this exactly as it comes and start playing immediately.
  2. A blank board where you can either have students fill out the first word themselves before the game begins or use vocabulary from whatever topic you are working on now and write in the first word in each box for your students before playing.


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