Narrative Expressions and Irregular Verbs – Board Game

Use this narrative expressions and irregular verbs board game to advance your students’ storytelling abilities and perfect their irregular verbs. There are three levels included!

How to use this activity?

Three level are represented on the PDF : beginner, intermediate and advanced : choose an appropriate level for your group. Display the PDF and make 4 different colored game markers for your students. This can easily be done with the annotation tools on ZOOM, or with other whiteboard tools depending on the application you are using. Students can play individually or in groups. If playing in groups, make no more than 4.

The idea is simple, students will come up with some sort of narrative story while traversing the board game by following the lines that connect the bubbles. Each bubble gives them their narrative expression to use at that point in the story. There is a table of irregular verbs at the bottom, each marked with a point value. If there are only 4 game tokens on the board, cross out the verb after it has been used with the color of the student/team. If you are playing with more than 5 tokens, limit the use of each box to two times.

Teams will present their statement to the class and receive corrections or ideas. They should write down their final statements somewhere safe. If a team is stumped and does not know how to continue their story, another team may steal the point and continue their story for them. Here, mark the verb used with their color.

Once all the stories have been told piece by piece, teams will count up their points from the table below. The team with the most points at the end wins. Have everyone present their final stories to the class before moving on.

For example:

Once upon a time, there was an old man lost in the woods.   be – 1 point

Next, he made a fire and a shelter.   make – 1 point

Before long, he found a bear in a nearby cave.   find – 3 points

Suddenly, the bear spoke to him and told him how to leave the woods.   speak – 3 points

That is why the old man went to the big oak tree by the river.   go – 1 point

Unfortunately, he forgot the bear’s instructions.   forget – 2 points

Finally, a park ranger was walking through the forest and found the old man.   find – 3 points

Total points: 14 


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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