My Town 2024

My Town 2.0 is a great resource to teach vocabulary and grammatical structures for talking about the city. Our hand-drawn elements make it even more special and exciting for your students. An essential game for A1 students (and higher!) with original artwork just for you. This PDF comes with 6 different activities to discover, practice and master the vocabulary of the city.

My Town 2024 update!

All 90 cards now have new high-quality digital counterparts that are ready to be used with the Zappli application!

The printable includes 6 different activities, so even if you have to return to this vocabulary in the future for revision, there is always a new approach waiting for you. The concept is simple. Use the drawings found in this game to assemble a town’s infrastructure. The students will then describe their towns in writing, make presentations and critique classmates’ towns.

My Town 2.0 is first and foremost an “around town” activity that can be used in multiple ways and at different levels. This game has been reworked, improved, developed and illustrated by our graphic designer.

  • vocabulary around town
  • there is/are/aren’t any,
  • prepositions of place,
  • negotiation,
  • critique,
  • creativity.


A printable PDF with all game material and teacher instructions.

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10 reviews for My Town 2024

  1. vera.konirova

    Great resource. I used it with my young adult and adult students and they all appreciated the visual attractiveness of the worksheets. As a teacher, I appreciate the variety of the vocabulary used, so that I can easily tailor it to suit my B1 as well as C1 students. Thanks for such a great material!

  2. regcorty (verified owner)

    Great support for building vocabulary and getting your students to talk! I used it with a very small group, and everyone seemed happy to present their town in turn!

  3. Victor Gaytán (verified owner)

    Just a wunderful tool not only to discover the vocabulary related to the city, but also practice it. My students love it.

  4. spacemath62 (verified owner)

    Nice ressource for children or adults. Easy to use and perfect to practice the vocabulary and grammar (there is/there are – not + prepositions of place).

  5. looreenaa127 (verified owner)

    I used this resource with my lower level students and it worked really well! Very easy to use

  6. mona.rochon (verified owner)

    This is an awesome resource. I have used it will all of my students to teach them vocabulary related to their town, as well as the intended ‘there is” or “there isn’t” concept. It is very easy to use. I highly recommend!

  7. dantoniogarcia (verified owner)

    I used this resource with a group of children and they really had fun ! We practiced the vocabulary of the city, the prepositions and the structure “there is/there are”. I will use it regularly in my next lessons with adults!

  8. Lucy1983 (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot for this excellent resource. It’s really helpful. All of my students liked it very much. I love it. I’m sure I will use it regularly in my lessons.

  9. dominika.haladyj (verified owner)

    I used this resource during an individual class with an adult and she really enjoyed it. We practiced the vocabulary and the structure there is (not) / there are (not). Thanks to this activity, we extanded the discussion to the questions like “why do you like the city where you live, “what is your favourite city”, etc.

  10. florina.bpaillot

    My student liked it (adults). In group they were doing their own town and had to explain it to the entire class ! Amazing ressource !

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Ian Kime

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