Irregular Verbs for Biography

An activity for your beginners! Write an autobiography based on a well-known celebrity using some basic irregular verbs.

It’s day thirteen of our 15 days of irregular verb activities and we’ve got an activity for your beginners! Introducing irregular verbs for biography, ready to download. There are four PDFs to choose from, each with a different category of character. We thought this would make the guessing part more fun since all of their professions and achievements are somewhat related.

How it works

I’d like to think this activity is for your beginner students who have just approached the irregular verbs and biographical information chapter. Each PDF has 4 different characters based on well-known individuals along with a list of some basic irregular verbs for biography.

You can use this PDF in different ways, but here are two ways we think it can be best utilized:

  1. Display the PDF or send a copy to your students. Students can work individually, in pairs or small groups. Give everyone a time limit to write a short autobiography of one of the characters. Then, have students present their autobiography, correct errors together as a class, and have the others figure out which character the presenter is writing for.
  2. Put students into maximum 4 groups and assign a character to each group. Give students a time limit to come up with the most original autobiography. Then, present the autobiographies, do error corrections, and award points to every original event that happens in their autobiography. The autobiography with the most points is the most original and thus the winner.


More irregular verb activities

Playing guess who with irregular verbs is great, but if you’re looking for more ways to practice irregular verbs in your online or offline ESL classroom in an engaging and effective way, check out all of our irregular verb activities.

We use the Tic-Tac-Irregular game to organize our irregular verbs.



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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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