Help wanted – Find the perfect candidate!

Why not put ourselves in the recruiter’s shoes for once? With this activity, students create their very own job offers.

How to use this activity?

Choose and display one of the posters and let the students look at the images (you can also print out or send the two posters and let them pick one).

For the first part of the activity, give them 1-2 minutes to write down as many jobs one could do in these places as possible. Let them read each other’s propositions and comment or ask questions if anything is unclear. (You can also make it a race and announce the name of the vocabulary champion.)

Now that they have a lot of vocabulary at their disposal, it’s time to look for the best employee! Put the students in pairs or groups and let them choose a job and a place in dire need of a new recruit. They will then create a “help wanted” poster (or type up the text of their ad in the chat) with the general description of the job and its expectations as well as the qualifications and profile they are after before presenting their “help wanted” posters to the class.

With its open-ended construction, feel free to add your own spin on the activity, or come up with something entirely new!


Knowing how to apply for a job is an undoubtedly useful skill to master in any language. But why not put ourselves in the recruiter‘s shoes for once?

If you are talking about jobs in your ESL classroom, this activity is a good complement. Whether you use it as a warm-up, a time-killer, or an end-of-lesson activity to introduce the next class, it’s a good alternative to the usual textbook conversation prompts.

Have fun!


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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