Give Health Remedies

Here is a “finish that thought” activity to practice the relevant vocabulary to talk about health and illness and give advices for health remedies.

How to use this activity?
Each card presents an unfinished piece of advice concerning health or fitness. They all utilize a dummy it subject AKA empty it. Display the activity and ask students to write the second half of as many sentences as possible. Tell them they should not be in order from 1-9! Once they have finished or the time limit is up, students present the second half of a phrase one by one. The other students guess which card completes their sentences. The first student to correctly guess wins a point.

For example: Card 1 – When you’ve got a headache, it’s wise to…

… take a long, hot bath. / … drink a tall glass of water. / … avoid noisy places and bright light.


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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