Guess Who with Irregular Verbs

Play a fun game of guess who with irregular verbs at the center of the target language. There are three sheets for different levels.

It’s day nine of our 15 days of irregular verb activities and we’ve got a guess who with irregular verbs activity ready to download. Each game board has about 50 words which your students will have to use to describe one of the types of people presented on the PDF. The choices are… baby, kid, university student, working girl, stay-at-home mother, middle-aged woman, and senior citizen.
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How to play guess who with irregular verbs

You can play as a class, in pairs, or in small groups. Display the PDF or send it to your students. Here are a few ideas on how to play guess who with irregular verbs.

1. Play as a class. Display the PDF and tell your students they must describe one of the types of people presented by using the words on the worksheet. Students present the character by following the directions at the top: Tell the class what she did last Monday. Give them an appropriate time limit depending on their abilities. Then, students take turns describing what she did last Monday and the others must guess who they are describing. The student gets a point for each word they are able to use from the worksheet. Play as many times as you would like. In this version, you can ignore the checkboxes.

She did the laundry for her whole family. She also washed the car and fed the baby when he was hungry. – 4 points!

2. Play in small groups. Here, students will take turns coming up with one sentence to describe one of the characters. The others must guess which character they are describing. The one who correctly answers first earns 1 point. The speaker gets 1 point for every word they use on the sheet. This time, however, they must check the box for the words they use. Nobody can use that word for the remainder of the round. Students play until all the words have been used. Here it’s best that everyone has their own copy of the PDF so they can follow along with the words their group has used.

She drank a tea in bed. – 2 points
“Senior citizen!” – 1 point

3. Play in pairs. Play the same way as for groups, except instead of one sentence, you will put a timer for each round. Students will use as many words on the sheet as they can to describe their character to earn points. The other student guesses the character and earns 1 point for a correct answer.



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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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