I’m looking for the watchamacallit… – Objects around the house

Every language learner runs into the same problem: there are some words, for whatever reason, that are just really difficult to remember. What’s more, they are often the names of objects we use every day!

How to use this activity?

Play as a group or in pairs. Students take turns choosing an everyday object. The first student chooses one without saying which. The other student(s) then ask the series of questions found in the middle of the board about the object. The first student answers the questions. If another student correctly guesses the object, they earn as many points as the question that allowed them to is valued at. Then another student chooses an object, and so on.


For example:

The first students secretly chooses the clothes hanger.

Student B asks: What room of the house is it usually in? (2 points)

The first students answers: – You can usually find it in the bedroom.

Student C asks: – What is it made of? (5 points)

The first student answers: – It’s usually made of wood, plastic or metal.

Student C asks: Is is a clothes hanger? It’s made of wood, plastic or metal and you can usually find it in the bedroom!

Student C gets 5 points.


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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