Do you work like them?

A visual activity to get your students talking about work! Let them ask each other questions before deciding who’s the best liar.

How to use this activity?

If working as a group, ask a student to choose a sentence, read it aloud, and then ask “And you, …?

Here, they will choose a classmate’s name. The classmate will then answer with one of the 4 short responses in the bubbles. Make sure they choose a grammatically correct one based on whether the original sentence is affirmative or negative.

After they answer, the group must decide if they are telling the truth or lying. If possible, ask for reasons why they believe or do not believe the responder. For every student who is stumped, the responder gets a point. The responder then chooses the next sentence and reads it aloud… and so on!

“Paul spends a lot of his work hours surfing the web.”

And you, do you spend a lot of hours surfing the web?

– No, I don’t. I don’t have time because I am always very busy.

You can also have your students work in pairs and ask each other questions before trying to decide if their classmate is telling the truth.

For one-to-one classes, feel free to adapt the number of questions to your student and use this game as a lie detector!


This is an adaptation of the truth or lie game. As it is often much easier to remember words and structures if they allow us to talk about ourselves or describe something close to us, this activity is ideal not only to review some vocabulary about jobs and work but also to learn how to actively comment on one’s professional habits while practicing negative sentences, questions and answers!


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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