Online Friendly ESL Discussion Worksheet: Social Media

It’s always going to be a good topic to come back to. Use this ESL discussion worksheet on social media in your online or offline classroom!

If you like warmers, ask your students to talk about how they use social media by choosing a couple of the following questions and letting each student answer individually. What apps do they use? What do they share and with whom? What do they think about commenting online? What impact does it have on their lives? And how much time do they spend on social media? It will certainly raise a lot of interesting questions, and maybe some not so nice revelations!

  1. Ask the class to come up with 5 ways social media affects people.
  2. Watch the video below once and ask your students if anything they mentioned was presented in the video.
  3. Distribute the PDF to your students, review the vocabulary in the top right, and then watch the video a second time. Put your students in pairs to answer the questions on the PDF. Jump around the breakout rooms to add input and take notes for a delayed error correction.
  4. Discuss any difficult or interesting questions as a group, then change the pairs. Pairs will look at the statements from the video on the right of the PDF and discuss them for 15-20 minutes. Again, jump around the breakout rooms to add input and take notes.
  5. Then, move on to the writing activity. There are 3 options, the first of which should be done in class. Students can work individually, in pairs or small groups. They will create the most addictive social media application on Earth and then share it with the class.
  6. If you want, assign one of the other writing activities as homework!

The video:



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