The Ultimate Conjunctions Practice – Board Game

Use The Ultimate Conjunctions Practice Board Game with your intermediate and upper-intermediate students for practice and review!

Here’s one for your intermediate to upper-intermediate students that will help them practice their more advanced conjunctions and organize them in one place. Use The Ultimate Conjunctions Practice Board Game as a review or end of class activity and be amazed by your students’ creativity. With the conjunctions in front of them, and an objective to reach, they’ll create some wonderfully complex phrases and surprise even themselves.

How to use this activity?

The Ultimate Conjunctions Practice Board Game was designed for the online classroom but works great as a printable, too!

  1. Display the game board and use your whiteboard tools to create different colored game pieces for the players. If offline, print out a game board for each group (works best in groups of 3-4) and use objects to create game pieces for each player.
  2. The objective is to get from start to finish while collecting points from the propositions at the bottom.
  3. Players begin with their game piece on one of the bubbles in the first column. To advance to the next bubble, they must finish the phrase by completing it with a conjunction at the bottom.* If they give a grammatically correct and coherent sentence, they can advance their game piece along the lines into the next column. Mark the conjunction used with a spot of the same color as the game piece. If they make a mistake, or it is not coherent (they did not correctly use the meaning of the conjunction), they must still advance their game piece to the next column, but no points are counted.
  4. To make it easier or harder, you can forbid the use of a conjunction once used or not. For the sake of practice and competition, we recommend you use this option.
  5. Once all players have made it to the finish column and completed their final phrase, count up the points for each player. The player with the most points wins the game!

*Note: The conjunctions we have chosen are more advanced than the typical or, but and and (lol), which is what makes it perfect for B1+ and B2 students. You can add some other constraints as well, such as the clause following the conjunction must have a different subject than the first part of the sentence. Or, give a bonus point if the clause contains a negative, etc.


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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