Compare Job Candidates: Police Chief Wanted

Compare job candidates for police chief. Batman, Spiderman and Superman are looking for new gigs. Students compare the options.

Compare Job Candidates Task-based Activity

Police Chief Wanted

Students work in pairs or small groups on this task-based activity in which they compare job candidates for the role of police chief in Panam City. Three super candidates are lined up with their CV and stats ready to go. Who will earn this coveted position?

Concept: Three candidates are gunning for the position of police chief in Panam City. Who is the best candidate?

Type of activity: Reading, individual reflection, and group discussion.

How to use it: We are very nice, it’s ready to print! Or screen share. It takes about 20 minutes.

Level: Designed for A2 level learners but adaptable for higher levels.

How to start: Start by distributing the activity below to your students (or screen share) and explain to them that they must choose the new Warsaw police chief.

Ask them to read the CV of each candidate and write down some ideas as to why they prefer one over another. This written portion is not required, but it will force your students to read the CV’s whereas otherwise, they may skip over them completely.

In pairs, small groups, or as a class, let them discuss amongst themselves which candidate would be the best. At the end, you could finish with a group vote.


As with most task-based activities, there are no correct responses. So, it’s not about knowing whether the students have chosen well or not, but more about them using their English comparison skills while they are discussing amongst themselves.

In my opinion, the teacher should be there as an observer. They should take note of errors for a delayed error correction later, get students to correct themselves and others, and encourage the discussion.

Let your students work with the language they already know rather than adding new information or structures while they are speaking. React to the language they use rather than the lack of linguistic tools they posess.

Don’t hesitate to leave your questions, observations, opinions and ideas in the comments down below.

Happy teaching!


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