Budget Crunch

Students must finish out the month with only $100 and choose from the expenses on the list. They must explain the consequences of their decisions.

Today we are happy to share an activity from Ewa Rdzanek which she originally published on Les Zexperts FLE

It will be helpful for any conversation or lesson dealing with money and expenses, be it a conversation about the lottery or just an excuse to get your students to practice saying monetary values aloud. From the list on the sheet, students work individually or in small groups to decide which of these expenses are essential within a limited budget. It’s up to them to decide between a lightbulb for the bathroom and a bottle of wine, a new potential career path and a philosophy magazine… It’s also up to them to describe the consequences of one expense over another. There are some obvious answers and some not so obvious, so let your students be creative and surprise you!


  1. jprimalani

    How do we get access to this lesson?

    • Ian Kime

      This activity is reserved for Total Teacher Access subscribers, as are many other activities on the site. You can learn more by clicking here.

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Ewa Rdzanek

Ewa Rdzanek

I have been teaching French as a foreign language since 2002. I get bored quickly, so I'm always on the lookout for something to break the monotony in the classroom and encourage other teachers to do the same. 

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