Adverbs of Quantity and Frequency – Talk about Hobbies

Talk about hobbies while casually practicing adverbs of quantity and frequency as well as the adjective + preposition structures with your students.

How to use this activity?

This activity works your students’ usage of adverbs of quantity and frequency as well as adjective + preposition structures. They must be familiar with the difference between so, that’s why and because. Yep, this activity hits a few different objectives!

The PDF consists of 2 pages so you can focus on one series of adverbs at a time: adverbs of quantity (page 1), and frequency (page 2). Choose the number of a card, set a time limit for your students, and let them come up with the end of the sentence. One point is awarded to each grammatically correct and original sentence!

For example:

Page 1, card 1 – Robert is bad at playing board games. That’s why…

… he has a lot of friends: they like playing with him because when he is around, they never lose! (1 point is awarded)

Page 2, card 1 – Robert is bad at playing board games. That’s why…

… he never plays anymore! He’s sick of losing!


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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