A0 Activity: Closed Questions with Be

Discover, practice or review closed questions with be. This is a great activity for your A0 beginners who have just been introduced to closed questions.

This activity allows you to discover, practice or review closed questions with be. You can do this activity as a class. Begin by calling on a student and asking them a question by completing the starter in the middle. “Hanna, are you Polish?” The student must respond with the short answer “Yes, I am.” or “No, I’m not.” Then, it is their turn to call on another student in the class and ask another question. Continue like this until all the options have been used. Encourage your students to write a few of their own questions in a similar fashion, and then interview their neighbor. Then, each student will present their neighbor to the class. To further push the idea of the closed questions, the other students can ask the presenter a question about their partner, “Is Jimmy from China?” and give a response like, “No, he’s not. He’s from Korea.”

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  1. anarosare

    great activity, thanks a lot.

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Ian Kime

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