Zimasheet: New Year’s Resolutions

Talk about New Year’s resolutions and practice some common verb + verb combinations for expressing intentions, goals and plans for the future.

Christmas is in a couple days and it’s time to take a break. But you’ve got one more class to do… You’ve already done your Christmas lesson and you won’t see them again before the new year. It’s the perfect occasion to ask them about their New Year’s resolutions. It’s possible I went a little overboard on this one. Every time I saw a new image, I thought of another resolution I could make for my “New year, new you” agenda. Then I zoomed out and got a headache from all the visual stimuli on the page. So I added a few more before creating the PDF.

If you’ve used a Zimasheet activity before, you’ll know what to do.

If not, it’s very simple! Put your students in pairs, give them a time limit to come up with some resolutions they think their partner may or may not make for the coming year. They should use the verbs on the page and get inspired by the images – they don’t need to use the vocabulary word specifically. For example, they might see the two characters dancing in the top right and be inspired to say “You plan to take your wife out on more romantic dates this year.”

It’s not exactly about dancing, but it was inspired by the image. It’s also on my very long list of things to do in 2024.

To get your students warmed up for this activity, you could check out our celebrity New Year’s resolution activity which use the same verbs as this one and might jumpstart their brains a bit. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it… It could work the other way around to! Use one of them first and then go to the next!

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

Mixed Conditionals SMS Game



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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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