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Verb + Verb Construction Game

A fun tool to help your students memorize verb + verb constructions in English and practice their vocabulary.


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The Verb + Verb Construction Game is a card game to discover, practice, and produce verb + verb constructions in English.

The basic premise of the game is to associate cards with BEGINNINGS and ENDINGS to create complete and grammatically correct sentences.
The BEGINNINGS include a conjugated verb and the ENDINGS a verb in its gerund form, to + infinitive form, or an object and to + infinitive.
For example, “My mother-in-law regrets…” can be paired with a gerund card such as “…going to prison” or “…retiring early.” etc. 

The teacher instructions come with 6 different versions of the game to allow for great replay value even with the same group. There are 160 different verbs and useful constructions to discover and review with your students.


Target Language

Students will discover or review which verbs take a gerund, an infinitive, or an objective and infinitive when following another verb.



Most textbooks dive into this topic around the B1 level, so we recommend this game for your B1/B2 students.



  • a 16-page PDF with teacher instructions and game elements to print and cut out. (160 BEGINNING cards, 160 ENDING cards, CATEGORY cards, a list of all 160 verbs and constructions with their answers);
  • a VIRTUAL VERSION folder with the BEGINNING and ENDING cards in separate .jpg images to use for your online classes.


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