Present Perfect Writing Activity

Use this fun and fast activity to review the present perfect tense and do some writing practice in a real-life-ish context.

Looking for a quick, fun and engaging way to practice your students writing and conversation abilities? In this Present Perfect Writing Activity, students respond to SMS messages in creative ways while practicing their present perfect comprehension and production.

How to use this activity

The concept of this Present Perfect Writing Activity is simple: share the image with your student(s) during your online or offline lessons and have them respond to different messages in writing (by typing their sentences in the chat, for example).

There are many ways to go about it. For example: choose a student to start. Without giving away which one they have in mind, the student must respond to one of the SMS messages on the sheet by typing their response in the chat. Make sure they use the present perfect!

The first student to correctly guess which SMS they are responding to gets a point and then can choose another SMS to respond to. Play until all the messages have been used. The student with the most points at the end wins.


For example:

The student chooses SMS 1: Have you picked the kids up from school?

– “Not yet, but I have called them to let them know I would be late”


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Nicolas Bragard

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