Present Perfect Practice: Small Crimes in the UK

Welcome to day 8 of our present perfect activities giveaway! Today we’ve got a rare fill-in-the blank present perfect practice activity. On the worksheet are 20 small crimes people commit in the UK without ever realizing they are breaking the law! Your students will fill in the blanks (using irregular verbs as well) and then discuss which of these laws they’ve broken.


How to use it?

First thing’s first, this game was designed for your online ZOOM classroom, but it works just as well as a printable in your offline classroom, too.

Send a copy to each of your students. The worksheet consists of 20 “Have you ever…?” questions related to some crimes in the UK people commit without even realizing they are breaking the law. Give your students a few minutes to fill in the blanks with the past participles of the verbs in the box below. Check your answers as a class or display the teacher PDF. Then, put yur students in pairs or small groups to discuss the questions on the worksheet. Do they think these laws are fair?

Have you ever drunk too much alcohol in a pub?

Of course, I have! I think everyone has drunk too much at a pub at least once. I think it’s weird that they sell alcohol, but there is a law that says how much I can have…

Now, feel free to use this present perfect activity in any way you see fit and if you come up with any great ideas, be sure to share them in the comments below.



  1. johanna.lendl

    Dear Ian,
    Thank you very much for this useful and entertaining exercise, my students had lots of fun!
    However, they’ve asked me what the source of the respective laws is. Is it stated explicitly anywhere that you are not allowed to e.g. listen to a CD while driving or sing “Happy Birthday” in a restaurant?

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