Prepositions of Place Game with Artificial Intelligence

Use a free artificial intelligence image generator to create random interior spaces along with this prepositions of place game to practice this useful functional language in a new and interesting way.

While our instructions for this prepositions of place game call for the use of a free AI image generator, you could replace this with images from google of interior design ideas, houses of famous people, images your students take of their own homes, etc. The free image generator is called and is very easy to use! Once you get started, you won’t want to stop. One of the reasons I prefer to use the AI generator for this activity is that the students can also practice describing a room in the negative, explaining what the generator has forgotten.


  1. Give every student a copy of the Prepositions of Place Game PDF, or send it to your students via email or in the chat.
  2. Use the AI image generator (instructions below) to generate an image of an interior – you can choose which room you want your students to describe! Display the image.
  3. Give your students a time limit to type as many descriptions as they can in the text box at the bottom, marking the checkboxes next to the prepositions of place as they go to keep score.
  4. Once the time limit is up, students read their descriptions to the class, who will correct them if they are wrong. The student must uncheck any preposition they used incorrectly, including if they make a vocabulary mistake.
  5. Count up the points for this room, or continue with a new image. If you continue, the check marks must stay and students are not allowed to use them again.
  6. You might even play until someone has used all the prepositions on their board, passed a certain dollar amount, or reached an exact dollar amount!

To add some difficulty or replay value, you could ask your students to describe the weird things the AI added to the room that shouldn’t be there.

There’s a sink on the dining room table!

There are curtains on the wall, but there aren’t any windows behind them…


Advice for the AI generator

I am recommending the AI image generator because you can use it without setting up an account, making it easily accessible. If you have another you prefer, go for it!

  1. The system if very intuitive, simply type in the type of room you want to see in the search console.
  2. The default image ratio is square, and I recommend you click on “View Options” and change that to “Landscape” in order to see more of the interior.
  3. Once your image appears, click “Enhance” – an orange button to the right.
  4. Click “Upscale + Face Fix” – this will create a clearer image for your students.
  5. And that’s it! A very simple way to create infinite interiors to practice prepositions of place with your students.
  6. Even if you regenerate a simple word like “bedroom” it will always give you something new. You could ask your students to add some adjectives to the description to add to the fun. Rich new york loft apartment kitchen?


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