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My Weekend in Phrasal Verbs

A poster for practicing phrasal verbs with a competitive edge.


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This poster was created and designed to be used in a multitude of contexts:

  • Display it on a wall in the classroom, in the hallway, in the bathroom or anywhere one learns English;
  • For use during lessons both in-person and online;
  • For a student’s individual use or for homework.



Target Language

The basic idea behind the poster is to describe your weekend by using a number of common phrasal verbs. Each verb is given a $ amount connected to the verb’s difficulty. The more difficult verbs a student uses, the more money he wins (or the more money he spends, depending on the way you play the game). Of course, it’s possible to vary the game based on your students level or grammar you are currently working on in the classroom.

  • Describe a weekend in the past tense;
  • Describe your plans for the weekend in the future tense;
  • Mix past continuous and past simple;
  • Make a list of things you must do this weekend (by using modals of obligation).



A1 students will certainly get the most out of this exercise!




The poster is presented in 4 different formats:

  1. A4 color sheets;
  2. A4 black & white sheets
  3. A poster format for A3-A0 printing;
  4. A JPG or PNG file for easy copy and paste onto virtual whiteboards.


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