Irregular Verbs and Vacation Activities

Whether you’re working on vacation activities or irregular verbs, this activity kills two birds with one stone! Talk about what Hannah and Paul did on vacation…

It’s day ten of our 15 days of irregular verb activities and we’ve got some worksheets marrying irregular verbs and vacation activities ready to download. Perfect opportunity to help your student creating their own story. Looking for more? Check out our collection of activities to Tell a story.

Each map represents a different town with 9 different types of places to visit. We have come up with 5 different towns where students can talk about what happened on Hannah and Paul’s vacation.

Who are Hannah and Paul? Hannah and Paul are you, they are me, they are your colleagues, your family, your friends, we are all… Hannah and Paul.

Get your students to use irregular verbs and vacation activities

This one we recommend doing as a class while students work individually. Each map has different irregular verbs and vacation activities which your students will use to talk about Hannah and Paul’s vacation. Here are a couple ideas of how to use this activity:

  • Simply tell the class what Hannah and Paul did on their vacation. For your beginner students, they need no more no less! Set a time limit, let your students work individually or in pairs, and then have everyone present to the class. You can even vote on the best vacation.
  • For more advanced (or creative) students, give them a target for their story. Let’s say something happened after the vacation. For example, Hannah and Paul got married, got engaged, broke up, hated each other, started a relationship, found out they were cousins, whatever it is, your students will tell the story of what happened on that vacation to get us to this pivotal moment.
  • To go a bit further, have students or groups exchange their vacation stories and then add to the other group’s story.

*Please note that the map for “Las Wegas” should be used at your discretion and recommended for adults only.

More irregular verb activities

Playing guess who with irregular verbs is great, but if you’re looking for more ways to practice irregular verbs in your online or offline ESL classroom in an engaging and effective way, check out all of our irregular verb activities.

Don’t forget about our Tic-Tac-Irregular game. A great game and also helpful organizer for your students.


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