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ESL Time Expressions Game


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This ESL time expressions game is a fun way to discover, review and practice time expressions in English with your students. This game is full of material spanning multiple levels and themes. Use this with your beginners (A1-A2) to discover and master the basic time expressions like before, after, when, etc. For more advanced students (B1-B2), a multitude of more complex time expressions and situations are offered.

In the game, students must answer “Prove it!” cards by creating responses using different time expressions. For example:

Prove that you are a good cook!

My friends want to come to my house when I cook my famous macaroni & cheese. (BEGINNER)

My wife will stay married to me as long as I keep cooking her dinner every night. (ADVANCED)

The Time Expressions Game comes with:

  • a set of beginner time expression cards;
  • a set of advanced time expression cards;
  • a set of miscellaneous time expression cards;
  • 48 Prove it! cards;
  • 3 game variants;
  • interactive PDFs for online lessons;





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