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Clear Conscience: giving advice in English

A surprising game that allows your students to master giving advice in English at every level (A1-C1)! Will they guide their player to heaven or hell? …Intrigued yet?


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Clear Conscience is a fun game that incorporates a multitude of vocabulary themes and English language knowledge with the intention of practicing different ways to give advice in English.

How do we make it more fun than usual? By presenting it in the form of a game, of course! Your students will guide their character to eternal paradise or eternal suffering while practicing their English language skills. Duh.



Target Language

For A1 students, it focuses on the imperative form. For A2 students, you can practice the modal verbs of advice (and the imperative). For the more advanced students, you will find a multitude of useful expressions and structures for giving advice in English. Choose from simple or advanced expressions, regular verbs or phrasal ones, paradise or doom!




There is a variant of the game for every level! From A1’s learning the imperative form to C1 students using advanced idioms.



The ZIP file contains:

  • An 8-page PDF with teacher instructions for the various incarnations of our fun little game along with all the elements to print and cut out (63 CONSCIENCE cards, 2 game pieces, 30 VERB cards, 30 PHRASAL VERB cards, 2 lists of useful expressions for giving advice in English, and a game board).
  • VIRTUAL VERSION folder containing all the game elements in separate .jpg files. You could use these images during an online course, project them in your classroom, display them on a smartboard or even just your computer screen, or simply select the cards you want to print, thus saving paper and ink, etc.

Find instructions for using the virtual version online here.


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