Adjectives and Prepositions Activity

This Adjectives and Prepositions Activity collects the 24 most used used adjective / preposition combinations found in A1 and A2 textbooks and puts them into a simple lie detector game to familiarize your students with the combinations and help with retention.

There are lots of adjectives that need prepositions, so please be aware this Adjectives and Prepositions Activity is not exhaustive! We have chosen the 24 adjective dependent prepositions that come up the most frequently in A1-A2 textbooks.


Feel free to use this PDF however you’d like, but here is our suggestion:

  1. Play in pairs, small groups or as a class. Display the PDF, send a copy to your students, or print out a copy for each group.
  2. The object of the activity is to familiarize students with the adjective / preposition combinations, so one student will read a phrase out loud and then ask their partner, group or the class.
  3. The other students must respond with one of the 4 options on the poster.
  4. The caller must decide who is lying and who is telling the truth, getting a point for each correct assumption. Those who lied must now tell the truth! This repetition reinforces the adjective / preposition combinations.
  5. Move to the next caller. Once all the phrases have been played out, the student with the most points wins.

Go further

Think about asking your students to create questions from the phrases to ask one another at the end of the activity for extra repetition.
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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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