What does a father say?

Use this A1 imperative verb activity as a fun way for your beginners to practice imperatives by imagining what a father says to a child of different ages.

Do it! Make some imperative activities! Okay, I will. I did. Forgive me for taking so long! There are so many grammar points to keep track of. I have an excel sheet somewhere with “all of them” from A0-B1. There are still some gaps here and there, but with this A1 imperative verb activity, I can finally cross one off my list. This activity follows the same pattern as other Zimasheet activities, which have been a real favorite among teachers here at ESL Expertz. They are easy to use online or in the classroom, intuitive for both teachers and students and allow for creative language generation within the confines of the target language. They are, how should I say… Ideal. Check them all out >>

This activity can be completed individually, in pairs, small groups or as a class. Here are some ideas: Give students time to come up with a phrase in the imperative for each age. Then have them read out loud one sentence at a time while others guess which age it should be for.

Choose one, two or more images from the worksheet and make 4 sentences, one for each age on the worksheet.

If you want to go further, simply change the ages, the speaker or the receiver. What does a mother say to her daughter when she’s 45?


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Ian Kime

Ian Kime

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