Well, Say Something!

A game of speed, chance and conversational know-how. Use real-world situations and phrases to get your students speaking quickly and naturally. They won’t always be in a classroom setting when speaking English. Give them the confidence they need to put themselves into the fray and join any English conversation, about anything, anywhere they go!

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This game uses phrases plucked from the middle of random conversations. The phrases are matched with constraints that orient the students' responses. Students must read them and react! This game awakens your students' spontaneity and conversation skills. It was designed for students from A2 to B1, but can also be used effectively and enjoyably with more advanced levels.

Even if students have mastered various fields of vocabulary or the grammatical structures necessary to produce correct statements, they often lack the ability to express themselves quickly and naturally in everyday situations. However, the ability to produce language spontaneously is essential to get by in day-to-day life in an English-speaking environment.


*** This activity comes with a set of virtual cards to be used for your online classes. They work well with:

  • screen sharing functions,
  • Zoom;
  • teaching platforms like Learncube,
  • online whiteboards.
  • Google jamboard,
  • let us know if you have other ideas!

6 reviews for Well, Say Something!

  1. looreenaa127 (verified owner)

    Multilevel resource to practice speaking and originality. Really useful!

  2. translaxelle (verified owner)

    Awesome ressource. I can use it with both my school students and engineers… I like the fact that you’ve thought of putting a level on the cards. Life savior when you need a plan B or haven’t had time to prepare your class! I printed the constraint cards in a different colour to differenciate them.

  3. mona.rochon (verified owner)

    Perfect resource for teaching conversation in English. Thanks!

  4. Florencia (verified owner)

    I really like this resource because it is suitable for all levels. Students use their imagination and speak about every-day situations. Very original and great ready-to-use design.

  5. ondrova.lucka (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for this great resource! It’s really helpful when you want to practise quick reactions and natural conversation. My students love it.

  6. fearn.anne-sophie (verified owner)

    Love it, so helpful and useful !

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