Let me introduce myself…

“Let me introduce myself…” is a poster-game allowing beginners to discover the lexical and grammatical structures to introduce themselves. Comes with printable pdf files from A4 format (standard color or black and white printer) to A0 format and a PNG file for your online needs.



This poster was created and designed to be used in a multitude of contexts:

  • Display it on a wall in the classroomin the hallwayeven the restrooms or anywhere one learns English;

  • For use during lessons both in-person and online;

  • For a student’s individual use or for homework.

Let me introduce myself… presents beginnings and endings of sentences that the learner must connect or associate in order to introduce themselves. These sentences exploit fundamental A0/A1 structures (I’ve got, I am, negation, verbs of like + noun or + gerund, basic personality adjectives…).

The poster can be used: for A0 students, after only a few hours of learning English, as a tool for grammatical and lexical discovery and up to A2 level for basic review (or as an ice breaker).

The downloadable resource comes with 4 different formats of the poster for different uses.

There is an A4 PDF, a poster PDF (for up to A0 printing), a black & white (BW) PDF and a PNG file for online lessons or display on your computer, projector or interactive whiteboard in the classroom.


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