Christmas poster

Our ESL posters are great for warm-ups, the end of class, or school-wide communal activities. This one is focused on Christmas and the things we do around Christmas time.


Christmas time means different things to different people. This poster will get your students talking about what makes their Christmas holidays splendid or stressful. You can use it in class as a warm-up for a Christmas themed lesson or for the last 10 minutes of class around the holiday season. They also make for a good home review or a small homework assignment.

This resource gives you 4 versions of our Christmas poster:

  1. a regular A4 color copy to pass out to students or pairs during your classes,
  2. a black & white A4 copy to save ink without losing any quality,
  3. a large-format version for A3-A0 copies to hang up in your school or classroom,
  4. a JPG version to use for your online lessons.

To the left, you can see some pictures of the French version from Les Zexperts FLE being used as a large-format poster for a school-wide activity.

Merry Christmas!



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