What are you into?!

The point of the game is to associate the words in red with the words in blue and then have your partner find the ideal hobby or free time activity based on that information. Easy!

How to use this activity ?

Students should find at least 2 matches for each red banner. They can simply describe themselves or you can give them a constraint such as “describe your best friend, your cousin, your neighbour, etc.”.

You can also make it a 20 question style game where students work in pairs associating the halves by asking questions to their partners. They then can use this information to guess what free time activities and hobbies their partner participates in or might like to participate in.


I’m keen on working with plants and animals. I have a stressful job so I’m not into stimulating my mind. I’m not sociable but I’m brave so I can meet new people if it is necessary.


Although this activity is not meant as a lesson on its own, it is an excellent companion or alternative to the usual textbook activities about hobbies & free time.

You can use it as a warm-up, a review of useful vocabulary, or an end-of-lesson activity.

Besides, just like our other jukebox activities, it works as well for groups as it does for one-on-one lessons, offline or online!

Have fun!


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Nicolas Bragard

Nicolas Bragard

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