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Vocabtivate: Health

Vocabulary is great but using it is even better! This vocabtivate resource comes with 4 original activities concerning HEALTH and WELLNESS in English.


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Our VOCABTIVATE resources are bundles of activities whose tasks are varied, aesthetic, motivating and ready-to-use. All you have to do is print and cut out the sheets, hand them out to your students …and it’s game on for up to two hours of class time!

Each activity:

  • allows you to practice the vocabulary in both written or spoken form;
  • can be used independently, together, or in addition to your own lesson plans;
  • creates opportunities for cooperation and interaction;
  • highlights the theme in an original way;
  • can be used with the vocabulary list found in the downloadable PDF;
  • comes with instructions for the teacher on how to use them;

Vocabtivates are the perfect tool for:

  • finishing or replacing a lesson plan;
  • reviewing vocabulary;
  • getting students to use their existing knowledge in conversation.



Target Language

VOCABTIVATE: Health is a collection of 4 activities focused on HEALTH and WELLNESS



Each activity is graded individually, but all activities are meant for A2-B1 students.
However, they can be used for more advanced learners, too!



A printable PDF with the following 4 activities:

  • Healthy or unhealthy? – to give opinions on behaviors and lifestyle choices
  • Alternative medicine – create a revolutionary new therapy or treatment
  • Online doctor – participate in an online medical forum
  • Reforming the healthcare system – Let’s finally get this done, shall we?


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